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DOS Development

Reason For Learning DOS Assembly To program games of course. Developing a 8-bit game for the original 8088 (even though it’s technically a 16-bit processor) is similar to developing a game for other 8-bit computers from the era. The original IBM PC and XT are much cooler systems then I originally thought. I think mostly […]

TxROM Advanced TLROM Dev Cart

This guide covers building a TLROM game using the TxROM Advanced by Muramasa Entertainment. In this case we’ll be building a Rampart cart for the NES. For additional information about the cart visit the NES Directory. This guide will use a Linux workstation and command line utilities. There are probably windows GUI tools for each […]

Purple Gamecube

I haven’t been that into the Gamecube because I was mostly into beer and PC gaming during that era. When I learned about the new SD2SP2 board that @citrus3000psi created, I very much wanted to do this mod. Using the SD2SP2 with a Swiss boot disc is TOPS! Making the Board On the SD2SP2 Github […]

Blinking Light Win Mod

Some months ago I bought a NES console only for the low price of $22. It took a few more months before I actually made the time to hook it up and test it out. I was super surprised when it worked right away without needing to clean the inside cartridge connector. It worked for […]

Playstation 2

If you need to reformat a PS2 hard drive these are the steps to get things working again on Windows. Format Windows The easiest way to setup a PS2 hard drive on Windows is to use the WinHIIP utility: Open WinHIIP by right clicking the WinHIIP.exe file and selecting “Run as Administrator”. Click the “Format […]

Front after cleaning.

The History According to the historical record, the D-pad was first introduced with the Game and Watch version of Donkey Kong. If you’re not familiar with the Game & Watch devices, they are small handheld games with a small LCD screen. Not sure if I ever had a real Game & Watch, but we did […]