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TxROM Advanced TLROM Dev Cart

This guide covers building a TLROM game using the TxROM Advanced by Muramasa Entertainment. In this case we’ll be building a Rampart cart for the NES. For additional information about the cart visit the NES Directory. This guide will use a Linux workstation and command line utilities. There are probably windows GUI tools for each […]

Purple Gamecube

I haven’t been that into the Gamecube because I was mostly into beer and PC gaming during that era. When I learned about the new SD2SP2 board that @citrus3000psi created, I very much wanted to do this mod. Using the SD2SP2 with a Swiss boot disc is TOPS! Making the Board On the SD2SP2 Github […]

Blinking Light Win Mod

Some months ago I bought a NES console only for the low price of $22. It took a few more months before I actually made the time to hook it up and test it out. I was super surprised when it worked right away without needing to clean the inside cartridge connector. It worked for […]

Playstation 2

If you need to reformat a PS2 hard drive these are the steps to get things working again on Windows. Format Windows The easiest way to setup a PS2 hard drive on Windows is to use the WinHIIP utility: Open WinHIIP by right clicking the WinHIIP.exe file and selecting “Run as Administrator”. Click the “Format […]

Front after cleaning.

The History According to the historical record, the D-pad was first introduced with the Game and Watch version of Donkey Kong. If you’re not familiar with the Game & Watch devices, they are small handheld games with a small LCD screen. Not sure if I ever had a real Game & Watch, but we did […]

Tinned Wiimote pad

So the in-laws had a problem with their Wii and Mario Kart. The one controller won’t let the kart go forward. So I got the opportunity to crack open my first Wiimote. I admit I needed to watch a Wiimote teardown video on YouTube because I didn’t want to go breaking anything. Once the four […]

Xbox 360 controllers on the workbench

One thing that I quickly learned after getting into the whole retro console thing is that the price of the console is only half the cost. You also need to drop some money into controllers. Not to mention power and AV cables. I recently snagged four XBox 360 controllers on Facebook Marketplace for a great […]

C64 in bad shape

Ever since the “Retro Scene” started getting big the prices of 8-bit computers like the Commodore 64 have gone up. I’m not complaining because I never had a Commodore 64 growing up, or really understood fully what it was and how it relates to the history of home computing. I finally realized what is was […]