Blinking Light For My Win

Some months ago I bought a NES console only for the low price of $22. It took a few more months before I actually made the time to hook it up and test it out. I was super surprised when it worked right away without needing to clean the inside cartridge connector.

It worked for about two months without needing to address the cart connector anyway. I’ve been working on some cartridge repros and all the ins and outs must have finally weakened the pins of the connector.

The notorious NES connector.

Blinking Light Win

I’ve seen some YouTube videos about the Blinking Light Win mod kit, but so far haven’t needed it. I did receive an NES from the in-laws and it had a dodgy connector, but since it’s my wife’s NES from her child hood I didn’t want to modify it to much.

The “extra” NES is a different story.

After ordering the BLW kit from Arcade Works I grew impatient and opened up the NES. I was able to use a pick tool and bend each of the 72 pins up a little. This provided a snug contact with the cart edge and I was able to play games in the office again.

Today the kit arrived and it’s super simple to install. I’d recommend it for anyone getting into console modding.

While I had the console open I went ahead and did the Sound Extension mod. This allows the NES to have extended sound capability through the expansion port just like the Famicom. Or at least that’s what I believe it does. If not it’ll be easy to revert.

I followed the guide on Retro Fixes to add a resistor across a couple of the expansion port pins. I used a 47k ohm resistor because that’s what I had on hand.

I think there are some home brew games that use expansion audio. If not I can always create a repro of a Famicom cart.

So fun times!

Party On!