C64 Case Restoration

Ever since the “Retro Scene” started getting big the prices of 8-bit computers like the Commodore 64 have gone up. I’m not complaining because I never had a Commodore 64 growing up, or really understood fully what it was and how it relates to the history of home computing.

I finally realized what is was all about after watching The 8-Bit Guy’s channel on YouTube. He’s created an excellent series on the history of Commodore computers, and his restoration videos are awesome.

I picked up a C64 a few months ago for a reasonable price. The price was “reasonable” (around $40) because the state of the case was pretty bad. Not to mention the 5 missing keys. Finding replacements was surprisingly easy. There are multiple people on eBay that will sell you key caps, springs, and the support plunger piece. All for a reasonable price per “key set”.

So here’s a quick gallery of images before the restoration and after:

I haven’t fully restored the mother board due to not having a power supply, video cable, disk drive, etc. I’m working on getting those things going and will write more posts when the parts come in and I find time to get things assembled.

Party On!