Wiimote Corrosion Fix

So the in-laws had a problem with their Wii and Mario Kart. The one controller won’t let the kart go forward.

So I got the opportunity to crack open my first Wiimote.

I admit I needed to watch a Wiimote teardown video on YouTube because I didn’t want to go breaking anything. Once the four screws are out there’s some pretty tough clips toward the front of the controller.

Using a plastic spudger is the best way to pry the two halves apart.

Wiimote in bits.
Disassembled and ready for repair.
Wiimote Corrosion
There’s quite a bit of corrosion on the 2 button.

The problem was pretty noticeable right away. The 2 button had a fair amount of corrosion on the “pad”.

I’ve seen a lot of repair videos on YouTube and this was my first encounter with actual corrosion.

The pic is after a little work with the fiberglass pen.

After cleaning the pad with the fiberglass pen and cleaning things really well with isopropyl alcohol and some contact cleaner the pad looked a lot better. To make sure the corrosion doesn’t come back (or at least it doesn’t come back for a while) I loaded some solder into a some solder wick. Then the technique is to drag it across the pad and it tins the copper. I learned about this from watching GadgetUK164’s channel.

I think I’ve linked to it before.

The result looked great and the controller worked awesomely!

Tinned Wiimote pad
All cleaned up and ready for games.