XBox 360 Controller Clean Refurb

One thing that I quickly learned after getting into the whole retro console thing is that the price of the console is only half the cost. You also need to drop some money into controllers.

Not to mention power and AV cables.

I recently snagged four XBox 360 controllers on Facebook Marketplace for a great price. While I tend to like the PS3 better than the XBox 360, it’s a pretty good console judging from my time with it. And though the PS3 has some better graphics (or it feels that way to me) there doesn’t seem to be all that much separating the two consoles.

I’m not quite sure what to do with these controllers. One will definitely go into the XBox 360 Bundle I’ve had for a while now. I’ll probably look into getting some battery packs and cables as well.

Will these make good additions to a Linux gaming PC bundle?

Once the controllers were cleaned up I slapped some batteries in them and tested things out with a little Grand Theft Auto V. Didn’t think it was that good of a game at first, but after giving it a little time I found driving around and crashing into things a lot of fun.

One thing I think these controllers need before I commit to keeping them, or selling them on, is some new thumb stick caps. Only one of the controller had reasonably good caps. One even looked like it’d been gnawed upon. These have definitely seen some use, but they still work great.

I think it’s a confirmation of how good the 360 controllers are. Probably the second best controller I’ve ever taken apart. The first being a XBox One Elite controller… doesn’t get much better than that from what I’ve seen.

Party On!